About ME!

HELLO! I’m Richard E. Todd, author, speaker, golfer.

I’m a high-handicap golfer who loves all things golf related.

In an effort to help educate golfers around the world on the rules of golf and golf etiquette I’ve penned a series of entertaining and educational books, The Golf Rules. I was trained on the rules of golf by the USGA and PGA and I’m a member of the International Writers Association.

During my presentations and author events I’ve heard many great golf stories and came up with the idea to enhance and share them through short tales.

More on me can be found at http://www.amazon.com/author/toddrichard and http://www.thegolfrules.com/author.html.

Follow this blog as I write about each short story in Short Stories from the Long Links.



About TheGolfRules

Richard Todd was trained on the rules of golf by the USGA/United States Golfing Association and the PGA/Professional Golfers Association. In addition to being a lifelong golfer, he’s a rules follower. When not on the course Richard is a banking compliance manager. Richard lives in Ohio with his wife and two teen-age children. During the summer he can be found on the course with his father and his son; three generations in one group. When not golfing Richard reads, writes, and talks about golf. He is available for presentations on writing and golf.
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